CLF Ultra Run 2013 – 48 miles isn’t that far…

A few years ago I decided to start running after a period of inactivity. New Year’s Day 2008 to precise. I ran about 4 miles around the woodland trails where my parents lived, got home and entered the New York Marathon. November 2008 I completed my first marathon in New York, just scraping under 4 hours. The last 4 miles felt like a marathon in itself – it was excruciatingly painful, but I finished. Since then I haven’t looked back, running is now habit rather then a scheduled session, embedded into my way of life. Marathons have made way for ultra marathons as I look to continually test myself mentally and physically. When I race I am simply celebrating the hours and hours of training I have put in before hand to ensure I enjoy the experience and hopefully learn something new about myself. There is no better feeling then crossing the finishing line after being on the trails for 10 hours! Ultra running has taught me patience, made me more determined to be successful in anything I do and has also increased my work ethic. “Hard work pays off!” Classic cliché, but very true.


These traits of ultra running have transferred very nicely into other areas of my life at home and at school. I demand a lot from my students and I try to highlight the rewards of hard work and the satisfaction it can bring. I’m also a lot more patient then I use to be, which is an extremely valuable asset when working with young people!

Running is also a great way to de-stress after a long day at school. If you are a teacher and you’re reading this and you don’t run – try it. Next time you get home after a long day and head straight for the couch for some TV action, try getting changed straight into your running gear (the hardest mental battle of all) and head out for a 20 minute run. You’ll feel great afterwards and come back with a clear head!

Last year I completed a 31 mile charity run, visiting 5 secondary schools in the local area on route. Me and a colleague raised money for the MAJI SAFI project (a charity which raises money for schools in Kenya). This year on Friday 3rd of May I will be running 48 miles to raise even more money for the same project. Students from 6 different schools will be joining me on the way to run small sections and hopefully this may encourage some of them to take up running as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why am I writing this post? I need your money!! If you would like to help these guys out….

Maji Safi Project

Then please donate what you can here.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Now go run!


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