CLF Ultra postponed…

Unfortunately I have had to postpone the CLF ultra until July. I have been unable to run now for almost a month due to a flu virus and I’m still not back to 100% *sad face*. The doctor told me that my body has been ‘run down’ (probably from over -training). I know I didn’t give my body enough time to recover after the Green-man challenge (48 mile run) in March and I’m paying the price now!

On a positive note, being ill has given me the opportunity to have a complete rest (apart from cycling to and from school) and spend time doing some extended stretching and re-assessing my diet. Inspired by Mike Arnstein (an american ultra runner who only eats fruit (and lots of it!) and runs up to 200 miles a week in training!) I have tried to cut out more processed foods and eat more raw fruit and vegetables. Its been two weeks of eating this way but I already ‘feel’ better for it.

The CLF Ultra WILL take place before the end of the academic year, in the meantime you can sponsor me here.


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