New Google E-Safety project – #WellVersed

Google's new e-safety project - 'Well Versed.'

Google’s new e-safety project – ‘Well Versed.’

I’ve just got back from a very interesting meeting with Google in Bristol. Google have recently (24/03/2014) launched a new E-Safety project called ‘Well Versed.’ Click here to visit the ‘Well Versed’ website.

Young people have grown up in a world where they have always used the Internet, so much so that it forms a huge part of who they are and how they communicate. Google’s project has been set up to give young people a voice on e-safety. They are working on the premise that young people who have safety issues online are more likely to take advice from someone their own age rather than ‘un-hip’ adults. The students who attended the meeting backed this up. The meeting was attended by teachers, police school-link officers, local secondary school students and the local MP Kerry McCarthy. A representative from Google started with a short presentation on the Well Versed project followed by a Q&A session.

What is ‘Well Versed’?

In a nutshell Google want young people to submit a tip for staying safe online by creating a 15 video, animation, e.t.c. The more creative the better. These videos will be monitored by Google with the most creative entries being passed onto 4 vloggers who have been recruited by Google to drive the campaign. The vloggers will then create a short film using the entries submitted by young people. The young people who have their clips used in the film will have the opportunity to visit the Google HQ in June to see a screening of the film.

Why get involved?

Safe-guarding our young people and educating them to use the Internet in a safe way is a responsibility we all share. Google are offering a creative way for students to engage and get involved.

What can schools do?

This is a great opportunity to run a creative e-safety series of lessons with a real competition to work towards. Google have provided resources on their site and some example videos from the vloggers. This could form part of formal lessons or work equally well as an enrichment activity.

Is this just Google?

No. Google are not looking replace or compete with other e-safety or child protection services. They are simply offering a creative way for students to get involved and raise awareness.

Other helpful safe-guarding services.

Beat Bullying


Google safety centre



Zipit App

The Parent Zone

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